ABC News: 80-Year-Old School Bus Driver Wins a Grammy

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At 80 years young, he just won a grammy. And then quietly returned to his day job. Tonight, the school bus driver the children call Mr. Joe. To the children he gets to school every morning in Wilson county, Tennessee, Joe Thompson is just the bus driver.  But tonight, families here are learning that the man behind the wheel for the last 14 years is now a grammy winner, too.  On the grammy stage, he thanked the folks back home at the bus barn. Would like to send out a shoutout to the transportation department in Wilson county, Tennessee. Thompson sings bass for the Fairfield four, a legendary a capela gospel group. His day job pays him $17 an hour, driving little boys and girls with special needs. The children he serves are now sharing their love, which he says feels just a nice as his grammy.